How Abbas government ruins Palestinian cause

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (L) meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, in Amman, Jordan on October 17, 2023. US President Joe Biden will visit Israel on October 18 in a show of "ironclad" support as Washington tries to prevent the escalating war against Hamas in Gaza from spilling into a wider Middle East conflict. (Photo by Jacquelyn Martin / POOL / AFP)

Gaza has been under Israeli attacks for one month. Gazan officials state that more than 10.000 people have been killed by Israeli airstrikes. While Israel commits a genocide in Gaza, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and his government remain silent or blame Hamas for genocide.

Foreign powers-backed Abbas government is in power despite that Al-Fateh lost elections in 2006. Abbas also doesn’t not allow for new elections to be held, remaining in presidential seat illegally.  Instead of defending Palestinian cause, the government destroyed people’s motivation to resist the Israeli occupation through giving salaries to almost every family in West Bank.

Seeing the polarization between Hamas and Al-Fateh and latter’s reluctance to fight, Israel has been confiscating Palestinian territories for new settlements. Besides, it has killed 200 Palestinians in West Bank only last month.

Analysts argue that Abbas government’s policies severely harm Palestinians’ resistance. Israel could give more concessions, had there been unity among Palestinian groups, they add. Ona analyst argued that not Hamas but Al-Fateh should change its stance as latter’s passive stance ended up with more occupation.

A Palestinian analyst added that Al-Fateh is betraying all Palestinians and they will soon pay for their betrayal by being displaced from their lands.

General opinion of analysts studying Palestine is that for the two-state solution, there shouldn’t be two Palestinian states, and the one to be abolished should be the government in Ramallah.

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