How Senator Bob Menendez gets US ashamed

For a long time, Turkey has been struggling with declared and undeclared US embargoes. Many weapons and ammunitions cannot be purchased because of these embargoes. While the US imposes embargoes, it also forces Turkey to comply with its own embargoes on Iran and Russia and fines Turkey when it fails to do so. Leaving this double standard aside, we would like to discuss the direct embargoes against Turkey.

Although the current embargoes stem from the overlapping interests of the two countries, lobbying activities and corrupt congressmen who poison the American political system play a major role. In the US, you can corrupt members of congress by giving money to lobbying companies. In addition to corporations, Armenian, Greek and Jewish lobbies can influence the decisions of congressmen by using their money or voting potential.

It is because of these lobby groups and corrupt congressmen that the problems we have with America are increasing. Until a few days ago, Senator Bob Menendez played the leading role among those who harm Turkey. Menendez was under the control of both the Greek and Armenian lobbies. His wife is an Armenian woman named Nadine Aslanian. Menendez and other members like him, who are controlled by money, support Greece in Turkish-Greek relations and Armenia in the Karabakh conflict. If there is any other problem with Turkey, they will unquestioningly stand against Turkey.

Most recently, Menendez and his friends were preparing to pass a resolution to impose an embargo on Azerbaijan through the US Congress. However, Mr. and Mrs. Menendez are now in serious trouble. Because there are allegations of corruption between the husband and wife and the prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation. The senator has therefore withdrawn from his duties in the Senate. According to the allegations, Menendez’s wife received a bribe of 400 thousand dollars in gold bars from a businessman named Fred Daibes. In exchange for the bribe, Bob Menendez closed some of Daibes’ criminal files in the prosecutor’s office. The Menendezes also brokered a halal certification of Egyptian products on behalf of the US by a company that had never certified halal before, and received expensive gifts in return. It didn’t end there. Egyptian intelligence also bribed Congress to approve arms sales to Egypt.

The above incidents are just a few of Bob Menendez’s many corruptions that have come to light. As the investigation deepens, new crimes will be uncovered. Because the corrupt senator was most at the beck and call of the Greek and Armenian lobbies. He surely took more bribes from them. Menendez has also been accused of pedophilia in the past. In other words, he has been guilty of many crimes, but he has managed to exonerate himself until today. It seems that the grasshopper senator is taking his last leap.

If Senator Menendez resigns as a result of the investigation and gets out of Turkey’s way, this will be partly good news for Turkey. Partly because the other senators are no different from him. But in the context of international relations, getting rid of Menendez is important because it shows how dangerous it is to have corrupt politicians in positions that determine the fate of other countries.

While many countries, including Turkey, have suffered because of one crooked senator, many others have bought off corrupt politicians with money and have the power of the United States behind them. For example, Menendez approved a $100 million arms sale to Egypt for the sake of a few hundred thousand dollars in bribes. He also tried to punish Turkey and Azerbaijan at the behest of the Greek and Armenian lobbies. Everyone who gave money used Menendez and the other characterless senators.

Senator Menendez is the dark and dirty face of American politics. If America wants to improve its image, it should not only put Menendez in jail but also investigate the Armenian and Greek lobbies that never leave his office. Surely they have also paid bribes. He should also put the lobbying institution under strict control. Otherwise, corrupt countries will continue to put people like Menendez around the neck of the US like a halter and drag it behind them like a camel.

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