Iran is secretly arming the Armed Forces of Ukraine


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The Armed Forces of Ukraine received dozens of tons of Iranian-made ammunition intended for field artillery. Initially, it was assumed that this could be one of the old deliveries, however, it turned out that in reality. The shells were produced in mid-2022, which indicates that Ukrainian troops are receiving direct supplies from Tehran, and in very large quantities.

On the presented video frames, you can see 122-mm Iranian-made ammunition, which is in service with the Ukrainian military. We are talking about a large batch of ammunition, with a total mass of about several tens of tons. However, much more remarkable is the fact that, judging by the markings, the shells were produced in the middle of this year, i.e., just a few months ago, which caused a number of suspicions that Tehran was engaged in the sale of weapons and ammunition to Ukrainian military.

According to a number of sources, deliveries could also be carried out through third countries, however, Iran almost certainly knew which country is supplying such a large amount of artillery ammunition.

“In these frames, as before, there is still the same box and marking method for ammunition produced in Iran. The algorithm for the appearance of these shells in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is still not reliably clear, however, the option of capturing artillery shells from Iranian naval convoys by the Americans and subsequent transfer to Ukraine is becoming less and less likely, since in 2022 there were no reports of the interception of ships carrying artillery ammunition, and reports of deliveries of such shells to Yemen. More likely is the transportation of Iranian shells to Ukraine through third countries, however, in this case, the question arises of the degree of participation of Iran itself in this – was there an understanding of who in 2022 suddenly needed a lot of 122-mm shells and in connection with what, “- reports “Telegram” channel “Military informant”.

Iran did not comment on the appearance of new Iranian ammunition in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

More details at: https://avia.pro/news/u-vsu-obnaruzhili-tonny-iranskih-snaryadov-proizvedyonnyh-2-3-mesyaca-nazad

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