Israel’s other front

Israel is a racist state. There is no need to prove it, because they always prove it with their actions and their language. This being the case, one cannot expect a country and a society that has made racism its profession not to cooperate with racists in other countries. It is equally natural for other racists to feel affection for Israel. But the affection between them is more than a commonality of wild feelings.

Far-right leaders in many countries – including Turkey – are funded by Zionist NGOs based in Israel or in other countries. Some of them are invited to Israel, they are fed, they drink and after a good Israeli propaganda, they are sent back home (you remember this tactic from somewhere). Israel and Jewish lobbies use such people as an apparatus for their own goals. They also help them win elections. For example, in Argentina, a crackpot candidate named Javier Milei declared his allegiance to Israel as soon as he won the presidential election.

In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, whose wife is Jewish and who lived in Israel in his youth, won the elections. Wilders is also a recipient of money from Jewish organizations. According to official records, he received donations from two US-based organizations, the David Horowitz Freedom Center and the Middle East Forum. Both organizations are known to be Islamophobic. The Middle East Forum is also in contact with FETÖ members. To summarize, in many countries, racism is funded and fueled by Israel and related individuals and institutions.

Right now, the far right can be expected to stir Europe. Indeed, the first rehearsal took place in Ireland. On November 14, 10 days after Netanyahu said that there might be terrorist incidents in Europe, an Algerian immigrant stabbed five people in Ireland, including three children and a woman. No one believed that this was a natural forensic case, nor should they. At a time when Israel is massacring 5000 children, a Muslim immigrant stabs children in the European country that supports Palestine the most… The message is clear: Muslims kill children too, don’t accept Muslim immigrants, so you are wrong to defend the Palestinians. Another aim was to bring right-wing extremist groups into the streets – and they set the streets on fire as soon as they heard about it. The government had to call in the army to put down the riot.

It is clear that Israel is trying to discipline sensitive countries and peoples with politicians and racist groups under its control. They will surely play similar theater in other countries. Spain, for example, has taken a firm stand in support of Palestine. This means that soon they will push the button on the Spanish far right. They have to do this because until now they have always covered up their crimes with propaganda. But with social media, propaganda has become useless. They cannot convince the public no matter what they do. So they will use the (Muslim) immigrant card.

They can no longer mask the true face of Israel, but they will still try to create chaos in other countries. While they are committing massacres in Gaza, they will pit opposing peoples in other countries against each other. The people who are dealing with each other will not have time to see the massacres. And they have other insidious plans to reinforce them.

Twitter owner Elon Musk is going to Tel Aviv in the coming days. Or he is being forced to go. Musk did not fully implement the censorship they wanted and made the world witness Israel’s crimes. But now they will go to Israel and show him the towns attacked by Hamas and try to censor Twitter with victim literature.

Musk is a smart man. If he says, “Let me go to Gaza behind the walls,” he’ll spoil all their games, but he probably won’t. The problem with everyone is that they know the truth but they don’t speak out. If Elon Musk speaks out, he will be a hero. But then they will finish him.

To summarize, Israel is fighting on two fronts and on the other front is all of us as humanity. Either we will defeat their inner men or we will be defeated. If we win, humanity wins, if we lose, Israel wins.

Auto translated from yeniakit.com.tr

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