Israel’s tactical defeat begins

By Dr. Ali Demirdaş

Things are starting to change.

– The $17 billion aid package for Israel was rejected in US Congress by 250 votes to 180. (Bipartisan rivalry is the main reason, but it shows that the Israel lobby is bleeding in Washington. Every day without aid increases Israel’s risk of tactical defeat. In the old days, Congressmen used to sign for Israel on blank handkerchiefs).

_Saudi Arabia declares, “There will be no official normalization with Israel until the Palestinian state is recognized.” A symbolically important statement.

-Canadian minister dismissed after insulting Palestine. Pro-Palestinian declaration is issued in the Canadian Parliament.

-Spain  and Belgium halt arms sales to Israel. Japanese companies begin to cut ties with Israel.

-UK dismisses David Miller, an academic who criticized Israel. Due to the reactions and a court decision, he is reinstated, saying that he can criticize Israel. This makes headlines in the UK.

-The International Court of Justice accuses Israel of genocide.

-Millions of people around the world demonstrate in favor of Palestine/against Israel. Boycotts are organized.

These are the beginning.

Things are starting to change. Because Zionism is starting to damage the established order. As the system reacts to Zionism, Zionism, which sees itself as invincible, reacts in return, but with growing weakness.

The coming months and years will be very difficult for Israel and Zionism.


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