Top 10 US politicians taking Israeli money

US politicians unconditionally support Israel’s illegal and brutal actions against Palestinians. Thanks to US support, Israel’s occupation, oppression and genocide continue with impunity. The basic reason for American politicians’ relentless support is lucrative contribution of Jewish lobby groups such as AIPAC and ADL. These Jewish-origin NGOs funnel Israeli money into politicians’ election campaigns, not mentioning illegal transfer of money to their private accounts.

According to MintPress news portal, following politicians are top 10 beneficiaries of Israel’s money since 1990.

1 JOE BIDEN, $4,346,264

2 ROBERT MENÉNDEZ, $2,483,205

3 MITCH MCCONNELL, $1,953,160

4 CHUCK SCHUMER, $1,725,324

5 STENY HOYER, $1,620,294

6 TED CRUZ, $1,299,194

7 RON WYDEN, $1,279,376

8 DICK DURBIN, $1,126,020

9 JOSH GOTTHEIMER, $1,109,370

10 SHONTEL BROWN, $1,028,686

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