Jewish James Bond with codename 018

The lead role in the upcoming movie of the James Bond movie series is changing. According to the allegations, the new lead will be Aaron Taylor-Johnson, born in England and of Jewish origin. Since Jews control the Hollywood movie industry, it is no secret that they prioritize their own actors, make them earn money and make them famous. Even if an actor is ugly or untalented, he can become a leading actor just because he is Jewish.

Of course, those who work earn and those around them earn, but it’s not that simple. Nowadays, when there is a remarkable development, people look into the details and question why. The new James Bond movie also had anomalies and caught people’s attention. Most Western people reacted not so much to the fact that the new actor was of Jewish origin, but to the Judaization of the film. Because in the movie the James Bond code 007 will be changed to 018.

The number 18 is known as the number of the word “life” in the Jewish religious calculations. So it is the lucky number of the Jews. When Jews make a donation, they always do it in multiples of 18. This number will be replaced with 007 and the fictional agent in the film will be Judaized. Maybe the agent’s name will also change and he will be Solomon, Benjamin, Yitzhaks, etc. Even the enemy will have changed. James Bond, who previously hunted Russians and nuclear weapons smugglers, will this time go after an Arab or a Turk and hunt for Muslims. In this way, they will make people forget the genocide they committed and will make them look at Muslims as terrorists again. This is probably their calculation.

However, it seems very difficult for them to succeed at this time. After the genocide in Gaza, many people became curious about Islam and the Holy Quran, as well as about the Jews. People naturally cannot understand how a society (a large part of it) can be so savage and are curious about their lives, their mindset, their conscience, their solidarity and their religion.

Because the Jewish community has been under close scrutiny lately, whatever they do attracts attention and exposes their wrongdoings. More than ever, the media is reporting on how influential Jews are in Hollywood, the pornography industry, politics and the economy. Jewish businessmen are trying to buy or shut down TikTok in the US to distract some of this attention. But their efforts are also being exposed. No matter what they do, they cannot hide their intentions.

The situation of the Jews is similar to that of FETÖ, which was exposed after the December 17-25 betrayal. They challenged the government and the people with great confidence. They said, “Of course we will hold them to account” and attempted a coup on July 15th. However, they were slapped so hard that each one of them fled to some part of the world or found themselves in jail.

Jews are now acting with similar confidence and insulting everyone. Aside from the genocide in Gaza and their treatment of Muslims, they are reckless enough to live in America and claim that Christians are their slaves. The reason they stoop so low is their confidence in their capital. They have a lot of money and with that money they can buy everyone from politicians to journalists. But the reaction from the West shows that they are hated more than ever. After the genocide in Gaza, nobody believes that they are victims of genocide anymore. The Western world doesn’t pity and embrace Jews like they used to and they don’t want to stand side by side with them.

Perhaps the Jews who are not comfortable will move to Israel. In this way, just as they turned Gaza into an open prison and then a cemetery, the world will imprison them in Israel. Justice will be served, albeit belatedly. Conscience will prevail over money in the West too. And no one will watch James Bond anymore.

Auto translated from yeniakit.com.tr

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