Jewish Supremacy – World’s No.1 Problem

By Harun Kimani

A Jew will deny that Jewish supremacy exists.

Then he will vote for Jewish supremacists to become his leaders.

He will also support organisations that push Jewish supremacy agenda like ADL, AIPAC, Mossad etc.

And doesn’t see any contradiction.

NB: There are some Jews who are not ethnic supremacists e.g. Bobby Fischer, Vanunu Mordechai etc.

And when I write about Jews as a group, I am not including these ‘different Jews’.

Proof that an Overwhelming Majority of Jews are Ethnic Supremacists

Mossad is a criminal organisation, that was established in 1949.

Since then, Israel has had many prime ministers and members of parliament (Knesset), elected in democratic elections.

None of these elected representatives has ever demanded Mossad be stopped from engaging in international terrorism, or be disbanded.

Therefore, all these elected Israelis fully back Mossad terror activities.

This means that, the average Israeli supports Mossad’s terrorism around the world.

NOTE: Mossad’s criminal activities worldwide are geared towards achieving Jewish supremacy.

If a person has ever voted for a politician who served in the Knesset, that person is an enabler of Jewish supremacy.

And this is definitely a huge majority of Israeli adults.

Most Jews in other countries also vote for politicians who are pro-Jewish supremacy.

If a Jew is against Jewish supremacy, then they would never vote for a candidate endorsed by AIPAC or any other lobby that pursues Jewish supremacist agenda.

Ordinary Jews

It is quite ironic that ordinary Jews believe their elites have their best interest at heart, when the opposite is true.

A Jew working as a nurse, waiter or truck driver somewhere has not gained anything from the elite Jewish Supremacists.

Yet, the elite Jewish Supremacists use the ordinary Jew as a tool in their criminal activities, usually as Sayanim – as they strategise about how to completely dominate and enslave the Gentile.

An ordinary Jew will dismiss the matter of Jewish supremacy, by saying something like this: “I am a teacher. I don’t benefit in any way, financially or otherwise from other Jews. In fact I am struggling to pay my mortgage…”

She completely believes she is not a Jewish Supremacist.

Then you ask her about Mossad, and she will defend the criminal agency as if her life depends on it.

Therefore, despite her denials, she is actually a Jewish Supremacist.

Why Most Gentiles Are Not Aware About Jewish Supremacy, Even Though it Makes Their Lives Miserable

It is because most of the information Gentiles receive, is controlled by Jewish Supremacists.

A lot of what most non-Jews believe to be true, is actually very untrue.

EXAMPLE: Recently, there was a pro-Israel demo in Brazil by a group of Christians.

When asked why they were supporting Israel, one of them said: “Because I am a Christian, and they [Israelis/Jews] are also Christians.”

This is a fallacy, but it is believed by a lot of Christians.

A few years ago in Australia, a ‘conservative’ politician was asked why she did not like Muslims living in her country.

She said that they had a very different culture, like eating halal food.

When she was asked why she did not also complain about Jews, who also ate different food, kosher, she replied: “But Jews believe in Jesus Christ.”

This is not a joke.

Jewish Supremacists have used their control of information flow to brainwash a lot of Gentiles.

Some World Problems Caused by Jewish Supremacy

– Destabilisation of countries;

– Mass illegal migration;

– Endless wars;

– Human trafficking…

The list is endless.

I have written a lot about the connection between Mossad and most of these problems.

In the case of wars, they are usually carried out by the American military.

However, most US politicians are beholden to Jewish supremacy lobbies including AIPAC.

And these wars are very important to the Jewish Supremacists, because they destabilise poorer countries, creating refugees; and then these Jewish Supremacists organise for the refugees to travel to the West, thus destabilising the West too.

Understanding Jewish Supremacists’ ‘Logic’

I have had a lot of interactions with Jews for more than 10 years, usually against my will.

All sorts of Jews – Ordinary Jews, Mossad agents, Sayanim…

I have tried to understand how they operate; how they reason.

I concluded that they do not consider me as a human being.

But what shocked me is that, they also did not consider anyone associated with me, in any way as a human being (this shocked me because, if they had a reason to go after me, certainly there was no reason to go after these people).

This made me to start researching about Jews.

I came to the following conclusion: Jews generally (with a few exceptions, like mentioned above) truly believe they are superior to other people, and that they are the ‘chosen’.

Every group of people, by genetics – be it a race, tribe – is different from other groups.

But the difference between Jews & Gentiles is entirely on a very different level.

This is how I have understood how Jewish Supremacists view Gentiles:

If you have a pet – e.g. a dog, cat etc – you might love that pet very much.

Some people are even known to love their pets more than they love other human beings.

Yet, someone who loves his pet so much, makes all decisions about the pet: What to eat, when to go for a walk…

This person who loves his dog more than anything else in the world, might decide to take it to the vet to be neutered.

He doesn’t ask the dog for permission to do that.

Maybe the dog hated that forced procedure, but its owner has no guilty conscience over it.

That is how Jewish Supremacists view Gentiles.

Their conscience is not pricked, even if they are destroying you, or your country.

If Gentiles wait for Jewish Supremacists to stop their sabotage activities, they will never stop – Because they believe sabotaging other countries is ‘godly’.

Jewish Supremacists believe 100% that their god decreed that they must eventually rule the whole world.

The only way to save our civilisation, is by ending Jewish supremacy.

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