Muslim Discrimination: Austrian Chancellor’s Odd Ramadan Message

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has been criticized for ignoring Muslim population of his country by not releasing a message for Ramadan. The Chancellor later posted a message on his Facebook page for the Muslim holy month which considered as discriminative.

The 34 years old Chancellor of small European country of 9 million, Sebastian Kurz is known for his timely messages when it comes to religious holidays. His popular Facebook page carries his messages across to society on Christian Eastern and Jewish Passover. However, Sebastian Kurz is not as keen when it comes to Muslim faith.

The Chancellor of Austria has been criticized for not posting a Ramadan message on his Facebook page despite having released video messages for the holidays of other religions and faiths. The chancellor finally came out right before Ramadan kicked off on late April 23rd to wish happy Ramadan but his choice of way to do that considered as a discrimination.

Sebastian Kurz posted his Ramadan message on Facebook in English and it was only a written message as opposed to his Easter and Passover video messages. “Even if the celebrations can not take place as usual due to corona crisis, I still wish all Muslims a blessed Ramadan,” said his post.

Author Alexander Pollak reacted to Sebastian Kurz on Twitter. He said “This is not ok. This requires an explanation,”. Pollak went on to point out the fact how Austrian Chancellor was discriminating Muslims. “ Unlike other religious communities, you only send Muslim holiday wishes without video and in English,” he said. Sebastian Kurz clearly ignored Muslim population of Austria by sharing his Ramadan message in English rather than the language of his country. “That is not a message to Austrian Muslims, thats an imperative social media post to get away from criticism,” said one Vienna resident.

Sebastian Kurz and his governments are known for putting pressure on Muslim community of Austria. Several measures have been taken since Kurz became the Chancellor on Muslim faith like banning of face veils in Austria. Covering if face with any material is illegal in Austria. However, after the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of people started wearing face masks despite the law banning it.

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