Mysterious Attempt to Silence Muslim Prayer Call in Greece’s Muslim Minority Region

Mosques in Turkish-minority dominated eastern Greece are facing pressure to turn down the volume of the Adhan -Muslim call for prayer- amid coronavirus outbreak. According to local sources, some people in civilian clothes whom introduces themselves as “state officials” have been appearing at mosques in the eastern Greek city of Gumulcine (Komotini) and ordering Imams to turn down the volume of Adhan which is recited through speakers.

Elected Gumulcine Mufti Ibrahim Serif  said some people have been intimating mosque staff to turn down the volume of Adhan in the pretext of Covid-19 patients being annoyed. “The virus has been used as a pretext to silence the mosques,” said Serif during his speech to condemn the incident. He asked what Adhan would have to do with the fight against coronavirus. The Mufti also said the attempt to silence mosques is against freedom of religion.

Muslim Turkish minority has been facing state pressure for decades in Greece. Greek government has been systematically destroying Ottoman cultural heritage in the country for years. Greek state also does not recognize elected Muftis -community religious leaders- and appoints its own.

While there is an attempt to silence Adhan in Greece, German government has been allowing mosques through out the country to recite Adhan from speakers as part of the coronavirus fight. Although, the move is more symbolic than granting a basic religious right, German authorities have been hailed by the Muslim community.

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