Turkey Placed 65 Thousand People Under Quarantine After Repatriation

Turkish government has placed 65 thousand repatriated citizens under quarantine so far since Ankara launched a massive operation dubbed ”Leave no Turk behind” after coronavirus outbreak to bring all citizens back home.

Turkish Sports and Youth Minister Muharrem Kasapoglu revealed the latest data on quarantine numbers in Turkey. The minister said Turkish government put almost 65 thousand repatriated citizens under quarantine so far. Around 35 thousand people have completed the 14-day mandatory quarantine and went home while around 30 thousand people are currently serving the term in student dormitories scattered through out the country.

Turkey confirmed its first coronavirus case on March 11th and the government introduced a timely quarantine policy in March 16th. Several thousand people, however, entered the country prior to that date by simply passing a fever check at airports. Turkey’s European peers has lagged far behind in placing strict tules to stem the spread of the virus. Germany, for example, made quarantine compulsory for repatriated citizens on April 6th.

Turkish government has been hailed by those placed under quarantine for conditions provided in dormitories. Turkish Sports and Youth Ministry who is in charge of the dormitories has even provided books for those serving the quarantine term.

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