Palestine is oppressed because Muslims are weak

Israel, which has not forgotten the pain of the slap it received from Palestinian fighters, takes its revenge on children, women, the elderly and the sick by bombing hospitals. For them, it is not important who dies, but who dies, whether it is a Palestinian or not. Even if it is a baby, they are already killing it because it is a threat to them tomorrow, if not today. And if there are any left behind, they leave them no living space. Because they destroy buildings with high explosive bombs.

All this is happening in front of the eyes of the world, but the world is divided on this issue and many other issues. One is those who applaud oppression and the other is those who oppose it. The Western world (except Spain and Ireland) openly applauds Israel’s atrocities. The Jewish world has captured the Western world to such an extent that its media cannot write anything against Israel. Universities expel protesting students. Workplaces refuse to hire them. Leaders declare their subordination to Israel by saying “Israel has the right to defend itself”. In the past, it was they who did the holocausts and pogroms, but whatever. Now they are captives and they have no choice but to support Israel.

This shameful situation for the West is proof of how cowardly they are. Lining up to visit Netanyahu despite such economic and military power is a sign of captivity. If they were brave, they would embargo and isolate Israel from the world because it does not respect human rights. But none of them have such courage. While Biden declared that he is a Zionist, Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ignored not being welcomed at the airport. The German Chancellor said they would provide Israel with more weapons (so that more Palestinians would be killed).

The other world is brave but powerless. And by the other world I mean the Islamic world. Because countries like China and Russia support Palestine not because they love Palestine but because they are against America. As for the Islamic world, they actually have the courage that the West lacks. There is no Jewish community in their land to lobby in favor of Israel. However, they do not have the power, and what they do have, they use against each other.

Unfortunately, they can do nothing but condemn Israel’s atrocities. They leave the liberation of Palestine to the world. If the Arab/Islamic world, Palestine’s brothers and sisters, do nothing for Palestine, why should the world do anything? Moreover, the powerful countries of the world are already on Israel’s side. Imagine that they have applied to the International Criminal Court to put Netanyahu on trial. The court is in Europe. Europe is on Israel’s side. Let’s say the court wanted to try him anyway. They wouldn’t even give visas to their lawyers so that the plaintiffs can’t defend themselves. The situation is that grave.

Let’s say it’s not too late, but time is running out. If Israel succeeds, it will send Gazans to Egypt and Palestinians from the West Bank to Jordan. If it can’t do it now, it will try in the future. Until then, it will occupy half of Gaza and imprison all Gazans in the remaining half. Gaza will be turned from a ward into a cell. And the Islamic world, with its current power, will only watch. Before it is too late, Islamic countries should look for a way to achieve internal peace and peace among themselves and become stronger. What is that way? There will be no one without education. They will be self-sufficient in production. They will act together in the defense industry. Armies will become stronger. Hostilities will be put aside. Disagreements will be frozen, at least when fighting an external enemy.

This may sound like utopia. But if only one step is taken instead of ten, it will be like taking ten steps. Because if the first step is taken, there is the possibility of the second. Without the first, the second will not happen. For example, if they cooperate and succeed in the defense industry, they will also come together in sectors such as health, energy, finance, etc. This is how Europe grew. The Islamic world can grow in the same way. Otherwise, Israel will swallow Palestine (the first step) and then start dreaming of “promised lands”. Because it succeeded in the first step. The first step is important. Very important.

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