Sweden’s 1st female premier quits 7 hours after taking office

Sweden’s first female Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson resigned hours after taking office on Wednesday.

Social Democratic Party leader Andersson was elected Sweden’s first female prime minister by receiving a vote of confidence in the parliament in the morning.

Later, the Green Party announced to withdraw from the coalition government after the budget presented by the opposition that includes the right-wing Sweden Democrats was passed by the parliament.

After her coalition partner quit the government, Andersson announced her resignation. Thus, her premiership lasted seven hours.

In a statement, Green Party Co-Chair Per Bolund said they do not want to run the country with the budget made by the right-wing parties, and thus they chose to withdraw from the coalition.

On Nov. 10, then-Prime Minister Stefan Lofven resigned and put then-Finance Minister Andersson on track to become a new premier.

Lofven also stepped down as leader of the Social Democrats and Andersson was elected the new head of the Social Democratic Party.

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