The US-based Zynga to Purchase 2 Mobil Games From a Turkish Firm for $1 Billion

Turkish mobile gaming venture Peak Games to sell mobile puzzle games Toy Blast and Toon Blast to an American giant Zynga for 1 billion dollars, Turkish media reported on Thursday.

Turkish companies have been growing in multi-billion dollars mobile gaming market. Peak ranked 26th in the $101 billion mobile app ecosystem in 2018 according to App Annie, which measures figures from the mobile world economy.

Istanbul-based Peak Games had sold its gambling games to the same company for 100 million USD. Turkish daily YeniSafak reported on Thursday that the Peak are in a new negotiations with Zynga to sell 2 more games fir over 1 billion dollars. If the sale takes place, it will be the largest online game sale.

The CEO of Peak, Omer Inonu said last month to Daily Sabah that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing many industries, and they will begin to use AI more in the personalization of content according to the viewer or user.

According go App Annie 2019 report, 194 billion mobile applications were downloaded in 2018 which created a $101 billion economy.

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