The US Created a Monster: How Washington Financing-Arming ANTIFA

The President of the United States, Donald Trump said that he would designate Antifa a far-left armed group responsible for inciting violence during current protests as a terror organization. But what Donald Trump and the US public needs to realize is Washington has been indirectly aiding and abetting Antifa in Syria for years.

Former president of the United States, George Bush said after the 9/11 attacks “We will fight them there so we don’t have to face them here,” referring to the overseas military operation of the US army in Iraq and Afghanistan. But his successor in the office, Barrack Obama, followed an exact opposite approach. The US has been “financing and training them there to fight them at home,” so to speak.

The US support for the armed terror group of PYD in Syria started during Obama administration after Syrian civil war broke out. Former special presidential envoy for Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, Brett McGurk was the architect behind the support of Washington and the US Central Command implemented the policy on the ground.

Turkish government, on the other hand, has warned Washington countless times that PYD was nothing but a Syrian branch of PKK which is a designated terror group by Washington. The US officials and Pentagon ignored Ankara’s warnings and national security concerns. Another important affiliation was also overlooked by the US officials. The US-based group named Antifa self-defined as socialists, anarchists, communists and anti-capitalists had its followers trained and fought alongside PYD.

The US government has provided finances and truck loads of arms to terrorist PYD over the years. “Aiding and abetting” of the terror group by Washington continued even during Trump administration despite Trump’s promises to Turkish president Erdogan that support for PYD of Washington would stop. Some experts claim Trump did not have the power over Pentagon despite being the commander in chief of the US to impose such policy change. McGurk was eventually fired from his position by Trump but the damage was long done. As PYD strengthened its position in Northern Syria, several Antifa-affiliated anarchists received armed training and fighting experience in Syria financed by the United States government. And several of them returned to the US and Europe. Now they are inciting violence right in the backyard of the White House.

If president Trump have seen enough to realize how violent Antifa is and determined to fight this obscure armed group, he had better start with fighting the source of the far-left communist terrorism which is the PYD in Syria.

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