Tunisia foils an UAE-sponsored coup

An UAE-sponsored coup in Tunisia has been foiled after Turkish intelligence intercepted  and informed Tunisian President Kais Saied about it. The claim came from an Egypt-based twitter user named Salah Bediwy.  Bediwy also added that culprits, including generals and officers, were arrested.

Another twitter account published a secret document previously posted by Wikileaks. The document discloses that the UAE bribed Tunisian politicians and army officers to overthrow President Saied, who did not support renegade General Haftar’s illegal military rebellion against the UN-recognized government of Libya. The document also shows that Muhammad Dahlan mediated between the UAE and pro-coup Tunisian officials. However, Straturka could not confirm the originality of the document.

Tunisia is the only country where the popular revolution became successful during the Arab Spring. The UAE is accused of ruining Tunisia’s democracy and instigating a military coup against the elected President. Muhammed Bin Zayed’s country also supports General Haftar in order to prevent the long-waiting revolution in Libya.

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