Turkish Democracy Project: An undemocratic initiative

I did some basic open source-online search on this #US-based “#Turkey Democracy Project” & here is what I found:



  • It has 11 member in the Board of Directors and 2 members on the Team
  • Out of 13 people in a project dedicated for Turkey, only 1 Member is Turkish
  • Turkish media said he’s a FETO member too
  • The guy left his position in the project only few days after announcing it!Resim
  • Four of the Advisory Board (AB) of #Turkey Democracy Project (#TDP) are in the AB of Counter Extremism Project #CEP
  • CEP ws created by members of the AB of United Against Nuclear Iran(#UANI)
  • 7 member of the AB of UANI are in the AB of TDP
  • UANI is funded by UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel
  • Frances Townsend, member of the AB of Turkey Democracy Project is in UAE’s Ambassador to Washington own words “dear friend”
  • Otaiba nominated her to Trump adm. “would make a perfect Director of National Intelligence or DHS secretary. She
  • would hit the ground running”
  • Resim
  • David Phillips, member of the AB of Turkey Democracy Project writes for UAE-funded anti-Turkey website Ahval
  • Ironically, the first retweet of the newly opened Twitter handle of TDP was a tweet released by Ahval (a FETO-owned media outlet)
  • Resim
  • Norm Roule: member of the AB of Turkey Democracy Project is also member of the Cipher Brief and is identified as a “friend” of the Saudi Crown Prince MBS.
  • Resim
  • Jeb Bush: member of the AB of Turkey Democracy Project is in short Israel’s puppet.
  • Resim
  • Joe Lieberman: member of the AB of Turkey Democracy Project & probably the worst along w Bolton
  • He is pro-Israeli. Labeled as “emulating Chinese dictators”
  • Perceived as an opponent of Internet free speech
  • Register as a lobbyist the Chinese government company ZTE
  • Supported F-35 sales to UAE
  • Resim
  • The list is long and am not willing to waste more time on these.
  • I also noticed this group is anti #Qatar.
  • Hopefully thread was useful to introduce to you those who want to bring democracy to #Turkey! Who is standing behind them. Where are they getting their  money from. 


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Ali Bakeer

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