Turkish food giant Ülker enters UAE market via e-star

The online channel sales company of Yıldız Holding has expanded its operations, launching the products of leading Turkish confectionery maker’s biscuit brand Ülker in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a statement said Monday.

The expansion comes after eStar introduced many Ülker products to consumers in several European countries, including Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands through the online “Ülker Shop” launched on Amazon Europe in 2021.

The statement said, with Amazon guarantee, eStar now offers Ülker products to the customers under three different categories including chocolate, biscuits and candy and gum, benefiting from Amazon Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) reliable delivery services.

Noting that they gained access to many consumer groups in Europe last year through Amazon EU, eStar Global General Manager Sadem Pehlivan stated that they have now expanded their operations into the MENA region through Amazon’s reliable delivery services and global customer network.

Market expansion continues

Highlighting that eStar will continue expanding its markets in line with its geographical expansion strategy, Pehlivan said, “Starting with Amazon, we aim to offer Ülker Shop products to all North African countries and the U.S. following the United Arab Emirates as we improve our infrastructure.”

He noted that they have launched the first step of their MENA operations in UAE this month and are estimating the U.S. operations to be launched in the second quarter.

“In the online sales made in these countries, we are responsible for all the e-commerce supply and marketing operations of our customers.”

All areas of online commerce

eStar was established under the roof of Yıldız Holding in 2019 with the mission of carrying brands into the e-commerce ecosystem and offering products and services tailored to e-commerce.

It also serves companies and brands other than those operating under Yıldız Holding. eStar undertakes all e-commerce supply and organization processes of its customers conducting e-commerce activities in collaboration with both global and local marketplaces.

It also manages all marketing and operational processes of Yıldız Holding’s international food brand Godiva chocolate.

Kunter Aşkın, head of Global Operations at eStar, stressed they were proud to have taken the next step towards “our goal of offering our brands that are globally acknowledged and appreciated by customers to our consumers through proper communication and without any compromise on quality.”

“We believe that we have been able to successfully overcome the specific challenges associated with the operational requirements, rules and regulations, as well as customer expectations, that vary from region to region thanks to our expert team. It is of great importance for us to take pioneering steps in our industry towards gaining the experience and know-how to build the capacity required for properly conducting online operations in as many regions as possible.”

Source: Daily Sabah

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