Turkish restaurants double the number of branches abroad

Turkish restaurants have brought to light its investment plans, which it postponed during the pandemic. More restaurant groups have opened branches especially in  European and Arab countries, are at the forefront. It is estimated that the number of restaurants that have decided to open abroad has doubled in the last year, Hurriyet reported.

Happy Moon’s Group President Hüseyin Aymutlu said, “We have a plan to open a restaurant in London in the fall this year. With this investment, we will be the first among chain restaurants in Turkey”.

Develi Restaurants and Köşebaşı group also plan to open new branches in Arabic countries.

Mustafa Kaya, the founder of Doyuyo!, stated that negotiations are continuing for the restaurants they will open in Qatar, London and Dubai this year.

Barış Tansever, the owner of Sunset, pointed out that “the investments in the sector are for tourism, so there is an opportunity for Turkish restaurants abroad”.

Big Chefs founder Gamze Cizreli also said: “With the decrease of the pandemic, the service sector started to see great demand. All the materials of our 7 branches abroad went from Turkey. We see abroad as a more general service export. We currently have 76 branches. We will open 12 domestic and 4 international restaurants. We also plan to complete our US investment this year.”

Çiğköftem Chairman Erdoğan Güner stated that they are one of the Turkish brands with the most branches in Europe and said, “We have 120 branches in Germany, England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, TRNC and Azerbaijan. By the end of 2022, we aim to open 50 new branches in Europe, mainly in England, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark. Growth in the European market is very important to us, as 80% of our group turnover stems from our activities in foreign markets. Our export target in 2022 is 12 million Euros. With our products that we produce using 90 percent domestic raw materials, we create an added value of 6 dollars per kilogram in exports for the country’s economy. We aim to have a total of 470 branches in Turkey and abroad by the end of 2022.”

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