Türkiye is under the invasion of stray dogs, minister reveals

Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı has stated that there are approximately 4 million stray dogs in Turkish streets. Yumaklı gave more details about Türkiye’s stray dogs problem, which are quite concerning.

According to Yumaklı;

1-) The number of stray dogs is estimated to be close to 4 million. Due to the fact that they can give birth 1-2 times a year, give birth to 6-8 puppies on average each time and constantly change their location, local administrations cannot keep accurate records and the exact number cannot be determined.

2-) According to scientific data, it is possible to control the proliferation of stray dogs by sterilising 70% of the total number within a year. However, an average of 260 thousand dogs have been sterilised in the last 5 years and a maximum of 350 thousand dogs in a year.

3-) The World Health Organisation defines our country in the high risk category in terms of rabies risk. Many countries issue travel warnings to their citizens travelling to our country against the risk of rabies and the dangers arising from stray dogs.

4-) According to the data of the Ministry of Health, while the number of rabies risk contacts, including domestic animals, was 267 thousand on average between 2018 and 2022, this number nearly doubled to 438 thousand in 2023. It is obvious that this picture is frightening in terms of human life and health.

5-) According to the data of the Ministry of Interior, 55 deaths and 5 thousand 147 injuries were recorded in 3 thousand 534 traffic accidents involving animal collisions in the last 5 years.

All common-sense discussions, opinions and suggestions on this problem in recent days are extremely valuable for reaching the right solution. I believe that our country will overcome this problem with the realistic solution suggestions of experts, especially scientists, and the support of our citizens.

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