Türkiye to shot down Iran’s drone shipments to the PKK

Türkiye’s diplomacy with its neighbors in the fight against terrorism has taken a step forward. The cooperation with Iraq to end the terrorist organization PKK yielded results, and the Iraqi side announced that an agreement had been reached on the establishment of a joint operation center and that 27 police stations would be established on the Turkish borders of the Duhok-Erbil provinces. It was learned that the joint operation center will be located in a region between Haftanin and Zap. After Iraq, diplomatic traffic with Iran against the PKK has also begun.
The US and Iran’s drone and missile deliveries to the PKK were deciphered, and it was learned that “shoot orders” were given in case of new deliveries. There was a new development with the Iranian side on the issue. A meeting between Turkey and Iran was held in Sulaymaniyah last week. Turkish Foreign Ministry officials and security forces took part in the meeting.



Iran was asked to halt shipments to the PKK and offered cooperation against the terrorist organization.

Iranian officials claimed that they did not make any shipments to the PKK. In response, Turkish officials put the shipment images in front of the Iranians. The Iranian side denied the images and claimed that the shipment was not related to them.

This time, it was directly conveyed to Iranian officials that if there was another shipment, it would be shot down.

Turkey has documented that Iran has repeatedly pushed terrorists in its border region into Türkiye, and demanded that Iran give up these pushes, and that PJAK, the PKK’s extension in Iran, be eliminated.

The last issue Türkiye conveyed was “not to contaminate the operation area”. Iranian officials were told that they should refrain from any interference in Turkey’s operation against the PKK.

Source: Yeni Şafak

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