Erdoğan ready to mend ties with Syria’s Assad. But why now?

by Erem Şentürk

Türkiye’s Erdoğan Erdogan said there is no obstacle for establishing relations with Syria’s Assad. “Türkiye doesn’t have any intention to interfere with Syria’s domestic affairs,” he said. “We can come together with Assad as we did in the past as a family”, he added.

I assume President Erdogan’s message to be timely and appropriate in a number of respects, and a statement that will keep Türkiye out of more than one danger in the future.

1- Staying away from the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and the possibility of a regional war.

2- Taking away the trump card of the conflict zone that the UK needs on the back road in its Eastern Mediterranean invasion and gas/oil theft plan.

3- To close the second front in the struggle against the reserve Israel area that the US is trying to establish on our border under the name of Kurdish Autonomous Region/Autonomous etc….

4- To put a wedge in the British scheme that wants to squeeze Türkiye into a fire in a narrow area and become a quarterback in a wide area.

5- To prevent the globalist pawns such as YRP-Saadet-CHP from doing the reverse corner actions they will do in Türkiye over Syrians before them.

6- After the Iranian elections, the possibility of a new administration in Iran that will turn inward and try to solve the economy and polarization may create a vacuum in Syria. If that vacuum is created, the groundwork is already being laid to define the area.


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