Türkiye’s engines for armored vehicles are almost ready

After facing embargoes from Western countries, Turkish government decided to produce high power engines for armored vehicles locally. The bid was given to BMC POWER, a subsidiary of  one of Türkiye’s biggest defense companies BMC.

The company has shared latest developments about its engines with different sizes.

Both chairman and CEO of the company have given following information.

BATU engine; The 1500 HP engine was already in testing process. In addition, the transmission was tested last week. Both engine and transmission set will be tested together within two months. This engine will go through a 10.000 hour of test and then be used in ALTAY tanks.

UTKU engine: The 1000 HP engine and its transmission are still tested. They will be installed to howitzers from 2025 onwards. 10 prototypes have already been produced.

AZRA engine: The 600 HP engine is adjusted for unmanned ships. It might be installed to MARLIN SIDA ship by the end of the year.

TTZA engine: The 400 HP engine is in serial production and will be installed to BMC VURAN armored vehicle.



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