Türkiye’s Historic Role for Gaza

The deep historical, religious, political and cultural ties between Türkiye and the Gaza Strip raise questions about what role Türkiye can play in the region today. In both the Islamic world and Western nations, Türkiye is the only place where the eyes of hope for Gaza are turned. What happened in Jerusalem and Gaza during the Ottoman Empire, and the historical interactions between the two territories, highlight Türkiye’s responsibility and potential contributions to the people of Gaza. Türkiye’s potential aid and intervention strategies for the Gaza Strip are examined under two main headings: historical context and proposed strategies.

First, the battles of Gaza against the British in the late Ottoman Empire, the tens of thousands of martyrs in Gaza, and the long-standing presence in the region have created a strong historical link between Türkiye and Gaza. This historical context underlines Türkiye’s sensitivity to humanitarian and political issues in Gaza. Türkiye’s sense of historical responsibility to play an active role, and not remain silent, in the face of the hardships faced by the people of Gaza is also informed by this context.

Second, Türkiye should put on the agenda a series of strategies to counter Israeli aggression in Gaza that have the potential to bring lasting peace and stability in the region. The following recommendations aim to improve the situation in Gaza and create long-term solutions in the region:

1. Prisoner Situation: Türkiye can mediate prisoner exchanges by acting as a mediator in resolving humanitarian issues. This could serve as a goodwill gesture and de-escalation of tensions in the region.

2. Port Construction: In order to support Gaza’s economic development and strengthen its connection with the outside world, a port project could be implemented with Türkiye’s support. This is critical to break Gaza’s isolation and contribute to its economic recovery.

3. Reconstruction: To overcome the devastation of war, occupation and blockade, infrastructure and reconstruction projects supported by Türkiye can help Gaza get back on its feet.

4. Achieving a Ceasefire: Türkiye can play an important role in negotiations to end the ongoing war and occupation and achieve a lasting peace.

5. Lifting the Embargo: Lobbying internationally for the lifting of the political, economic and humanitarian blockade on Gaza will contribute greatly to improving the living conditions of the people.

6. Guarantorship: Türkiye can take an important position as a guarantor of lasting peace and stability in Gaza, promoting security and cooperation in the region.

These Turkish policies towards Gaza could strengthen Türkiye’s relations with the Arab world and contribute to the formation of a new alliance and cooperation at the regional and international level. These strategies can constitute important steps towards alleviating the hardships of the people of Gaza and establishing a more just and peaceful environment in the region.

However, for these strategies to succeed, they need to be effectively navigated within the complex dynamics of regional and international politics. This requires diplomatic skill, strategic planning and strengthening international cooperation. Türkiye’s influence as a regional power can play a critical role in this process.

As Türkiye implements its policies towards the Gaza Strip, it should also increase cooperation and dialogue with the international community. In cooperation with the UN and other international organizations, pressure can be exerted to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza and to lift the embargo. Moreover, Türkiye’s initiatives to resolve the situation in Gaza should be carried out in cooperation and coordination with other Muslim countries in the region.

Türkiye’s strategies for Gaza should be supported by civil society organizations and public opinion. Public information and awareness-raising efforts are important to draw attention to the humanitarian situation in the region and build a broad network of support. In this process, media and social media platforms should be used effectively to amplify the voices of the people of Gaza and mobilize the support of the international community.

Aid and assistance strategies for Gaza can also benefit from technology and innovation. Integrating technological solutions in education, health and infrastructure projects can contribute to the development and modernization of Gaza. Moreover, sustainable development projects, such as the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources and the effective management of water resources, can play an important role in meeting the long-term needs of the region.

In conclusion, Türkiye’s strategies towards the Gaza Strip should include humanitarian assistance, economic support, diplomatic efforts and sustainable development projects, taking into account historical, religious, political and cultural ties. The successful implementation of these strategies can make a significant contribution to improving the living conditions of the people of Gaza and achieving lasting peace and stability in the region.

Source: https://www.netgercek.com/yazarlar/turan-kislakci-7/turkiye-nin-gazze-icin-oynayabilecegi-tarihi-rol-169 

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