EU funds weapons firm playing “pivotal role” in Gaza genocide

The European Union approved the participation of a major Israeli weapons firm in a new science project during the current genocidal war against Gaza.

The state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is part of the consortium behind an aviation research scheme running from this year until December 2027.

Named Alrigh2T, the project was formally authorized by the European Commission (the EU’s executive) in mid-December – more than two months after Israel began its most lethal attack on Gaza to date.

IAI is participating directly in the war. On its website, IAI notes that the company is “thoroughly embedded” within Israel’s “naval, air, space and ground forces.”

The firm brags that its “sophisticated technologies” have played a “pivotal role” in the current war.

Israel’s military has received “unwavering support” from IAI. The firm can be relied on for its “continuous technical aid and the immediate availability of support and engineering crews.”

IAI has even published a video showing how its staff operate drones for the Israeli military.

The International Court of Justice found in January there is a plausible case that Israel is committing genocide. IAI’s boast of being “thoroughly embedded” should be treated as evidence that it is fully involved in the genocide.

The Alrigh2T project – focused on the refueling of aircraft with liquid hydrogen – has a budget exceeding $14 million, most of it coming from the EU’s coffers.

IAI itself has been awarded an EU grant worth more than $460,000 under the project.

It is by no means the first time that IAI is benefiting from the EU’s “generosity.”

Since 2007, IAI has drawn down approximately $26 million in EU research funding.

Along with Elbit Systems and Rafael, IAI is one of Israel’s top three weapons producers.

In August, IAI announced that the first six months of 2023 had been the most profitable in the company’s history.

The firm now has an opportunity to find fresh buyers for its tools of genocide.

The EU’s funding of IAI follows a shameful pattern.

Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, assured the Israeli government that she backed the Gaza genocide in its early stages.

Despite professing concern about particular images from Gaza – notably the images of last week’s Flour Bag Massacre – von der Leyen and her institution have continued backing Israel, albeit more quietly.

The latest grant to Israel Aerospace Industries is one of many ways that the EU is complicit in genocide.

Source: Electronic Intifada

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