Two Bayraktar TB2 UAVs handed over to Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

The Turkish Baykar company handed over two more Bayraktar ТB2 UAVs to Ukraine free of charge.

The drones were received by the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“Today, we received two more Bayraktar TB2 drones from our great friends and partners of Ukraine – the Baykar company,” the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said.

Previously, this company had provided such drones to Ukraine several times for free.

According to the Hromadske, at the end of May in Lithuania, in just three and a half days, €5 million was collected for the purchase of an attack drone for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The ambassador of Ukraine in Lithuania said that this was the first time in history that people collected money for the purchase of such a drone.

After the Turkish manufacturing company Baykar found out about Lithuania’s fundraising, it announced that it would give Lithuania one of its drones for Ukraine free of charge.

Lithuanians decided to spend the collected funds on bombs and missiles for this drone, anti-drone guns, three drones for reconnaissance, as well as on medical assistance for the hospital in Cherkasy, where Ukrainian military personnel are treated.

Lately, the Ukrainians collected 600 million hryvnias in three days to buy four Bayraktar TB2s for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (although they initially planned to collect in a week enough funds to buy three drones).

The Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation called this fundraising campaign “the largest for Ukraine.”

The drone company said it would hand over three drones for free.

People in Poland also collected funds for Bayraktar. That time, the Turkish company again decided to give it as a gift.

Source: mil.in.ua

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