USA is the Architect of Destabilization in the Balkans

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unfairly accused Russia and Turkey of destabilizing the Balkans. However, I can argue that USA is the architect of destabilization in the region.

We all know that USA is supporting and guarding the leader of FETO, Fetullah Gulen. On the other hand, it also backs paramilitary forces in the Balkans. Moreoever, together with Vatican, it is again USA that is engaging in missionary activities in the region in order to convert Muslims to Christianity.

Currently, USA is exploiting the Balkans’ natural and ground sources of particularly Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia with a colonial mentality.

What is more, it separates Balkan communities as Muslims and Non-Muslims to spark a likely conflict between Turkey and Russia.

Turkey wants be a friend of Balkan societies through Turkish Public Diplomacy, humanitarian aids and cultural values. What about USA? USA just strives for its own interests.

Turks, Albanians and Bosnians deem themselves as brothers. On the other hand, Turks has a common and a deep-rooted history with Macedonians, Bulgarians and Greeks. Yet, USA is trying to make all these nations enemies of each other.

In another aspect, USA is also trying to make Albanians, Bosnians, Macedonians, Bulgarians and Greeks hostile to Turkey.

USA defends only its interests and does not create any added value. Unlike Turkey, it even refuses win-win collaboration in the Balkans.

USA is a worldwide global power of politics, economics and military and acts according to not power of law but law of power.

Balkan Societies, spreading from Danube River to Sava River, from Adriatic to Black Sea and Aegean Sea, are under the threat of USA. They must be awaken against the danger. I am sure some people may reject but Turkey goes to Balkans with fairness, peace, brotherhood, welfare and development. Turkish history is a reference to my argument.

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