Western “Russophagy” turns Turkey into a superpower!

When we wrote that the hostile policy towards Russia of many Western countries is fueled by Turkish lobbies and the billions of black money channeled, mainly to the USA, we know very well what we were writing.

Turkey exists precisely because of the supposed Russian threat, since the time of the Soviet Union.

Now, Turkey is developing into an industrial superpower in the defense sector, precisely because of the suicidal policy of the West.

Turkey is poised to become the largest seller of artillery shells to the US as early as this year.

The Pentagon has purchased 116,000 combat-ready missiles from Turkey’s Arca Defense for delivery in 2024.

Turkey’s Repkon is building infrastructure in Texas to produce about 30% of all US-made 155mm artillery shells by 2025;

Turkish supplies of TNT and nitroguanidine, which is used as a propellant, are now vital to the production of NATO-standard 155mm ammunition.

The West is clashing with Russia, at the same time it is creating a monster. A huge gateway to the entire civilized world.

Translated from https://www.newsbreak.gr/kosmos/578421/i-dytiki-rosofagia-metatrepei-tin-toyrkia-se-yperdynami/

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