Who is freer? Gaza or the West?


A French diplomat was killed by Israeli bombardment last week while he was at the Rafah crossing the border, the only gate Gazans can use to connect to the world and the place Israel had promised not to bomb. When the late diplomat was mourned in the French Parliament, MPs hesitated to mention the name of the murderer, i.e., Israel. It might look strange, but it is usual in many Western countries not to blame Israel for its crimes, even if the crime is committed by themselves.

This response is because pro-Israeli Jewish and non-Jewish groups will discredit and demonize those overtly telling the truth. You cannot criticize Israel or an Israeli politician, e.g., Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in the media because you will lose your job. You can’t stand with Palestine if you are an actor because you will no longer have a chance to star in a movie. You can’t allow student protests against Israel if you are the president of a university, as your academic career will end in a few days. Even if you are an ordinary accountant in a small company, you should be careful about what to post on social media, as writing against Israel has a cost.

Paralyzed societies

The above examples are not claims but a few incidents among many we have witnessed. All show how the Western world is colonized in almost all terms except physically, which is currently done only in Palestine. In other words, the West is so colonized by Zionist Jews that Western societies’ mouths and brains are paralyzed. They know the truth, which side is right, and what to say, but they can’t speak due to what happened to truth-savvy people previously.

It would not be wrong to say that Jewish lobbies with unlimited funds work like the fifth column of Israel. They not only make money from their investments in specific areas such as entertainment, media, politics and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) but also utilize them to change perceptions and state policies in favor of Israel. In this way, the murder of Palestinians and the occupation of Palestine are either not heard, politicians prefer to remain blind and deaf, or truths are replaced with lies by the media.

As a result, what Western people see, accept, condemn or reject is what capital owners present to them. Setting aside ordinary people, decision-makers’ dependency on Jewish lobbies’ paychecks enables Israel to oppress and kill Palestinians as well as occupy their lands, more literally colonizing Palestine.

This being the fact, we can talk about two kinds of colonization perpetrated by Israel. The first one occurs in Palestine, which we have witnessed. There is no need to discuss it since it is apparent. However, the second one, which Israel does via the Jewish diaspora in the West, should be discussed in depth. The West can’t introduce policies against Israel, nor can they oppose its crimes. Because rulers know they can find themselves on news slandered or their secrets publicized. Particularly if a politician is corrupt, they cannot decline any requests from the Jewish lobby. For example, many pro-Israeli decisions have been passed by the U.S. Congress thanks to lobbying. Actually, this is how it works if politicians are corrupt. Lobbies cover their election expenses and bribe them. In return, American congressmen do whatever they ask. This is how the West is colonized by Israel and its extensions.

Unlike colonization through conquests, this version includes control of politics, bureaucracy, business, media and perceptions. Therefore, the West is not free to oppose Israel’s crimes. It would still not be free had there not been a Palestinian problem, as Jewish lobbies would still intervene in the domestic politics of Western countries. Remember how renowned people who criticized Zionists lost their jobs, e.g., Mel Gibson, Michael Jackson, journalists criticizing Israel, etc.

On the other hand, the Gazans challenge Israel’s cruelty, showing that they resist both physical and non-political colonization. Perhaps they suffer, but they are right in their cause and so courageous that they sacrifice their lives for their homeland.

In this context, who is freer? Gaza or the West?

Source: Daily Sabah

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