Who owns America?, asks Mahattir Mohamad

Dr. Mahattir Mohamad (Former PM of Malaysia)

1. The white Anglo-Saxons believe they own America.

2. But they are wrong. They don’t know it, but they are wrong.

3. The Blacks don’t own anything. Not even their lives. Their lives do not matter. They can be deprived of their lives anytime.

4. So, who owns America?

5. The real owners are the Zionist Jews.

6. They own everything.

7. Above all they own the brains of the Americans. They own the minds of the Americans because they own the instruments for shaping the minds.

8. What are the instruments?

9. They are the media – the print media, the radio and TV, the cinema, Netflix etc.

10. The print media include, the newspapers, the magazines, the articles, the books (the novels, fiction, non-fiction) the publishing houses, the social media and their army of influencers.

11. And now the various platforms on the internet. There is the blog, Facebook, X, Instagram etc.

12. These have changed the lifestyle and the cultures of the peoples of the world. Certainly, the culture of America is completely shaped by those who control the instrument for spreading ideas and information.

13. Americans are inward looking. For them America is the world. What the rest of the world is doing or thinking is not relevant as far as the Americans are concerns.

14. Ideas, ideologies and cultural values of the American are easily manipulated by those who control the media in America.

15. So who owns America? Obviously, the Zionist Jews because they control the different media and they own most of the big American corporations. In fact, without the Jews, America would not be as developed as it is today.

16. Through their control of the media and the financial institutions they determine the election of the Presidents and through him the Government.

17. And so, the American people may demonstrate against the genocide conducted by Israel, but the Government will always side with the Israelis.

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