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Anti-Semitic Secretive Cult Leader Harbored in Pennsylvania

On February 3rd, a large digital ad in Manhattan, New York, displayed an extremely controversial political message calling to stop Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. An organization affiliated with Gulenists whom Turkish government listed as a terror organization for an attempted coup financed what seemed to be an attack on a democratically elected legitimate leader. This all could seem a spill-over of a Turkish internal matter but tens of millions of Americans are not aware that Gulenists are an anti-semitic international cabal whose leader has been harbored in Pennsylvania for almost three decades.

Jews will finally end up in the position of Nazis and will look for a place to hide in the four corners of the earth,” says group’s leader Fetullah Gulen in his book published in 1995. The original text has since been removed from Gülen’s site but screenshots of it is still available on the internet. The book named Fasilan Fasila-1 was published just three years before Gülen’s departure for the U.S. in 1998. Gulen also considers America as “our merciless enemy” while referring Christianity “perverted.” His anti-semitic views are not limited to a comments on a single book.  

Gulen movement has since then successfully put forward a pattern of deception and hypocrisy campaign creating a self-effacing image. Fethullah Gülen calls himself a man of moderation and tolerance. He cultivated ties with Jewish and Christian leaders, and his efforts have yielded praise for his inter-faith activities. His followers have taken advantage of several global platforms to promote a clandestine anti-Jew, anti-Christian agenda. NBA player Enes Kanter has used the multi-billion international sports platform to wage war against a democratically elected leader disguising his intentions under “human rights” umbrella.

The secretive cult has turned the US tax payers money into its largest source of income by abusing charter school system in the country. According to information on Bloomberg, around 150 charter schools run by Gulenist-affiliated fronts earn about $500 million per year. Large sums of that money are being funneled through illicit schemes to fund the organization, the popular US show 40 Minutes have found in 2012.

Turning into a global conglomerate over decades with front companies in sectors from media to finance on all continents, the leader of the secretive group has been harbored in Pennsylvania for almost three decades. After the digital ad attack on Turkish president Erdogan, a Turkish group drove a truck around Manhattan to raise awareness about Gulenists. Until that happens, the shadowy group will slowly infiltrate the US society and institutions just as it did in Turkey which ended with it attempting a coup, bombing of the Turkish Parliament and murdering 251 people on a single night.

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