Attention! After Syria, Turkey is being sieged in the Mediterranean from land and sea!

April is upon us once again. This is a tense period which is used to exploit the Armenian issue as efforts are made to back Turkey into a corner. Whenever April comes along, every year, we start to wait, wondering which country will condemn the Armenian events of 1915.


I am not very sure whether Armenians are disturbed by the West using them to cover up their own sins.

But there are two things I am sure about: the administrators of Western imperialist countries are trying to suppress their internal problems through the Armenians. This is disgusting!

If Armenians think there is no such thing as bad publicity, they should know they lost from the start – that they lost in the name of humanity.

The second thing I am sure of is that Turkey, the single most successful civilizational experience, which reigned across three continents and carried out no mass slaughters, and on the contrary, had communities of different religions, cultures and ethnicities peacefully co-exist, being branded as a “genocider,” and the attempt to insult their children as “the children of genociders,” is shameful behavior in the name of humanity.

April is here again, and Armenian draft laws are once again on the agenda of some Western countries. This time we shockingly witnessed France and Italy make statements condemning Turkey.

We were shocked, because Italy and France are the world’s two lowly “lords of genocide.”

They are the last ones to talk.

The two countries chose to exploit the Armenian question and conceal their sins with thick veils, instead of apologizing to Turkey for marching to Turkey’s south during the division of the Ottoman Empire, and for the massacres, the barbarism they committed there.

Expecting humanity from imperialists, of course, is vain.


The Armenian question is not the only issue Turkey is dealing with.

Look, the East Mediterranean is heating up, are you aware?

Heating up is putting it lightly, it has long since started to boil.

The U.K. is carrying out a military buildup in Cyprus.

Were we aware?

Italy is landing an F-35 in Crete.

Did we hear about it?

That is not all.

The U.S., Italy, France, Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Greece conducted an interesting military drill in the East Mediterranean that lasted for almost two weeks.

Did we hear about it?

Exploitation of the Armenian issue is not a surprise. Such incidents were expected. We are ready for this despite everything.

However, the military buildup of the British in Cyprus is not a matter we can easily gloss over. Evil countries conducting a thought-provoking military drill in the East Mediterranean at an extremely critical time can never be a matter that is overlooked. Imperialists are forming a multilayered alliance against Turkey in our south.

Forming an Arab NATO with Egypt, Israel and the Saudis at its center, and openly letting it slide as an effort to build an Arab front against Turkey can never be considered as a matter to be disregarded.

Turkey, which was sieged from Syria yesterday, is still paying heavily for this.

Thanks to the Euphrates Shield operation, we ruined their plans to strike Turkey and make it kneel.

However, we somehow took control over the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) corridor threat that was formed upon the invasion and division of Syria, but the danger still persists.

It seems like Turkey is going to have a lot of trouble in this matter.

Right at such a period, a HDP deputy, a deputy named Yahya Tezelli, co-chair of the HDP, having the audacity to say that the southeast are the promised lands of Anatolia, and as a matter of fact, saying that we dried out these lands, that these lands will be rescued as promised, cannot be accepted.

I say that having the slavery mindset is trouble, and remind that such statements need to be questioned before the law.

In short: After Syria, this time Turkey is being sieged from a vaster area, from the East Mediterranean.

Turkey seems to have introverted after the elections. At a time when it is being sieged strategically from both land and sea, horizontally and vertically, Turkey’s introversion is dangerous.

I call upon authorities to be sensitive, ready and alert against this siege from the East Mediterranean, which is approaching step by step, and is a threat to our country’s security and future.

Source: yenisafak.com/en

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Yusuf Kaplan

Yusuf Kaplan

Mr. Yusuf Kaplan is a columnist at Yeni Şafak daily newspaper based in Istanbul

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