Böhmermann v. Federal Republic of Germany

On 16 April 2019, the administrative court in Berlin is negotiating an injunction of plaintiff Jan Böhmermann – an entertainer of the public broadcaster ZDF – against the Federal Republic of Germany including its bodies as Chancellery, Press and Information Office of the Federal Government and others. According to a court spokesman, a verdict is expected for the same day.

On 3 April 2016, in a phone conversation with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said about Böhmermann’s poem on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that it was „deliberately hurtful“. The Böhmermann wants to achieve that Merkel is forbidden to say that his poem is „deliberately hurtful“. Böhmermann also wants the Federal Republic of Germany to delete the remark „deliberately hurtful“ from protocols and from the website https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-en

The poem which was broadcasted by ZDF:

„Dumb as a bag, cowardly and uptight

that’s what Erdoğan the President is.

His privates reek awfully of doner kebab,

even a pig fart smells nicer.

He’s the man who beats up girls

while he’s wearing rubber masks.

Most of all he likes fucking goats

and oppressing minorities,

kicking Kurds, whacking Christians

while watching child porn.

And even in the evenings, instead of sleep,

it’s all about fellatio with a hundred sheep.

Yes, Erdoğan is totally

a President with a small cock.

Every Turk is heard to warble,

that stupid twat has got wrinkled balls.

From Ankara to Istanbul

everyone knows, that man is gay,

perverted, lice-ridden and zoophile,

Recep Fritzl Přiklopil.

His head as empty as his balls,

the star at every gangbang party

until his cock burns while peeing.

That’s Recep Erdoğan, the Turkish President.“

(remark: Fritzl Přiklopil was a famous sexual offender who kidnapped a ten years young girl in 1998 and has sexually abused for eight years until 2006)

Around three million Turks live in Germany and the poem caused an outcry among most of them. Most Turks – including those who politically oppose Erdoğan – think that Merkel was right to call the poem „deliberately hurtful“ as they think it is insulting a Turkish leader beyond the limits of permissible criticism.

The poem is seen amongst most Turks in Germany as rather anti-Turkish than anti-Erdoğan. Also a large majority of Turks are Muslims and do not feel comfortable with certain phrases which they consider as Islamophobic.

Source: www.martinlejeune.de

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Martin Lejeune

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