Chaos in Macron’s France

France’s Yellow West protestors take streets again after Macron-led government failed to meet people’s demands. Protestors chant ‘Macron will go’.  At least 200 people have been detained by the police in the first day. Witnesses say police brutality peaked, which can also be seen in footages. France has been in a severe economic crisis since Emmanuel Macron took power. In addition, heavy tax burden and unemployment cause fury among Frenchmen. Macron is blamed for not launching reforms he promised.

On the other hand, the French president has been accused of being indifferent to domestic problems and unnecessarily getting intervened in local affairs of other countries. Macron has visited several countries in Africa and the Middle East and turned it into a showcase. French newspapers criticize him for promising support to Libya’s Haftar, Lebanon, Iraq and Greece while Paris streets are on fire.
Surveys show that Macron will not be re-elected in next elections.

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