Europe needs a humanitarian revolution

The German president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen is currently busy praising Israel, supporting its massacres and tweeting in favor of Israel. She acts like the Israeli foreign minister rather than the EU commission president. Von der Leyen’s latest PR stunt for Israel was to take a photo at a cemetery where Jews murdered in 1938 were buried.

She posted the photo on her Twitter account with the hashtag “NeverAgainIsNow”, mourning Jewish victims. At the moment, a genocide is taking place in Palestine but Von der Leyen prefers to mourn grandfathers of Israelis.

By the way, it was Von der Leyen’s grandfathers who committed the massacre at that time. Maybe she is ashamed of what her grandfathers did. She indeed should be ashamed but it seems that Von der Leyen only laments the suffering of the Jews. When Israel was slaughtering Palestinians in front of her eyes, she never raised her voice. Not once did she say “stop, children are dying”. Instead, she turned a blind eye to the massacres, saying “Israel has the right to defend itself”. So when she says “not again”, she doesn’t mean “no more people dying”. She only wants Jews not to die. Se doesn’t care if Muslims/Palestinians die. Especially if the killer is Israel, she even supports it.

It seems that Von der Leyen and many other Germans and Europeans actually like genocide. They oppose genocide only when it happens to their loved ones, currently Jews. It is debatable how much they love Jews, but at least now we are witnessing their support to Israel. In fact, their support has been useful in showing how hypocritical they are.

Even European politicians, whom we consider to be the wisest, are not ashamed to tell their Arab and Muslim citizens and immigrants not to engage in anti-Semitism. In fact, people’s reaction is not to the Jews but to Israel, but they don’t want people to speak out against Israel’s massacres because criticizing Israel and Zionism is now considered anti-Semitism, too. Even waving the Palestinian flag is considered a crime. If they are not ashamed, they will tell you to applaud Israel’s oppression. Let’s say you are Palestinian, your brother is being killed in Gaza and you cannot react to it. Why? Because you will upset Israel. Let Palestinians die, but not a single speck of dust on Israel… This is their understanding.

Fortunately, people do not think like them and we keep our hope that Europe has not turned into a valley of wolves/jackals. To be honest, we didn’t expect so much support from the people of Europe. Whoever praises Israel’s atrocities, they immediately beat the crap out of them. People do not want EU to be a partner in the massacre. From the Irish to the Greeks, many people are protesting against Israel’s massacre on social media and on the streets, contrary to politicians.

But the fact remains that as long as the decision-makers do not change, Europe will be complicit in the massacre. The peoples of Europe must overthrow the massacre cheerleaders, especially Von der Leyen. While the headquarters of some pro-Israel companies were occupied in the US, there have not yet been such actions in Europe. However, a visit to the office of Von der Leyen, who supports the occupier and mass murderer Israel, can be made and her office can be occupied.

Such people cannot and should not represent Europe. Europeans must get rid of politicians like Von der Leyen who occupy their will. Otherwise they will become partners in oppression through corrupt politicians. Europe has made the industrial revolution, but it needs a humanitarian revolution, too. And the way to do that is to get rid of the rulers who keep Nazism alive in their souls.

Auto translated with deepl.com from yenikait.com.tr 

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