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Gulenist Orlando School Principle Arrested in Child Molestation Scandal

A principle at a Gulenist-run Orlando charter school has been arrested for covering up a child abuse that took place in the school, a local website reported on Tuesday.

According to the arrest report, 35-year-old Abdulaziz Yalcin was arrested in connection with an Orlando Police Department investigation into a teacher at the Orlando Science Charter School accused of soliciting naked photos from a 14-year-old student.

The court records revealed that multiple students have told the school administration that one of the teachers had asked for lewd photos from a child in the school. The principle, Yalcin preferred to cover up the scandal instead of reporting it to the detectives tasked to investigate the allegations. Yalcin told the detectives back in 2019 that the teacher was no longer an employee.

Yalcin is listed as the principal for 7th through 12th grade students at Orlando Science Charter School, a charter school that focuses on STEM education.

Robert Amsterdam, a lawyer whom has conducted extensive research on Gulenist cult activities in the US said on his Twitter account “This kind of conduct is completely unsurprising for anyone who has investigated the nationwide Gulen charter network. It is rife with abuse, fraud, and cover ups, and it needs to be stopped. “

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