In Contrast With the US Government, HDP Washington Rep Denies PKK is a Terror Group

Pro-terrorist-PKK Peoples Democracy Party representative to the United States, Giran Ozcan blatantly denied that PKK is a terrorist organization. The communist-maoist group has been designated as terrorist by Turkey, the European Union and the United States after it started carrying out attacks on Turkish soldiers and civilians during 1980s and 1990s.

“I don’t recognize it as a terrorist organization,” said Ozcan during an altercation on Twitter. “The PKK is a political/military organisation that has claimed to fight for Kurdish recognition and rights for 4 decades,” he continued. Journalist Yusuf Erim reminded Ozcan that he was in a country that designated PKK as a terror group and his denial would constituted a crime.

Terrorist PKK has murdered several kids in the past few years.

Ozcan went on to interfere other countries as well.  “I represent all the democracy and peace-loving peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan,” he said but he was then challenged by Erim if he was formally appointed by northern Iraqi KRG administration to claim such capacity which Ozcan ignored to respond.

Former Turkish envoy to Chicago, Umut Acar, also reacted to Giran Ozcan. Acar pointed the fact that Ozcan was denying PKK’s status as a terror group while representing a political party in the Turkish parliament. Journalist Nedim Sener also posted an ironic message and said that HDP would now fire Ozcan since he denied that PKK is a terror group.

PKK was established in 1978 as a communist, Leninist terror group to fight the Turkish state for independence. It carried out its first deadly attack in 1984. The US designated it as a terror group in 1997 and the European Union went on with the sane decision in 2002. In 2013, President Erdogan took a huge political risk by launching a peace process with the PKK to solve the long-standing terror issue. Almost all of the political parties including main opposition CHP and Ak Party current ally MHP accused Ak Party of treason during the process. However, PKK took advantage of the process to pile up arms in the cities instead of disarming which resulted in terror-sweep operations inside several cities in the southeast Turkey.

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