Iranian support to Armenia enrages Azerbaijanis

Azerbaijani-Armenian clashes resumed on September 27. Azerbaijani army repelled an Armenian attack and retook some villages in Karabakh, which is under the occupation of Armenia. While Turkey declared its full support to Azerbaijan and said it can help the brother country with all means, on the other hand, Russia sent weapons to Armenia via Iran.

After the use of Iranian territories by Russia to transfer weapons to Armenia, Azerbaijani people protested Iranian regime both in Azerbaijan and Iran. Some Azerbaijani origin people called Iran’s behavior as treason in social media. A twitter user said “Iran is claiming to be the savior of Muslims but helping Armenians against our Azerbaijani brothers”. Another user said “If Mullahs think it will suppress Azerbaijani nationalism in Iran, they are totally mistaken. If they want Azerbaijani-Persian brotherhood, they must support Azerbaijan, not the enemy Armenia”.

Meanwhile, One of Iran’s Supreme Leader representative called Azeri soldiers as “killed” in recent clashes Armenian soldiers as “martyrs”.

In addition, pro-regime Qom News condemned Azerbaijani attacks rather than Armenia’s occupation.

Another support to Armenia came from the Saudi-UAE mouthpiece Al-Arabiya. The TV network made the propaganda of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

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