Jerusalem: Rogue America shows its uglier face

Israel as a racist Jewish militia enclave in Palestine has a criminal purpose. Its creation in the 20th century served British colonialism. Thereafter various criminal political and commercial enterprises sustained it for decades.
Today it is a convenient tool in the American Zionist rogue state’s hands. Subsidized by American taxpayers, the monster of Israel has not settled yet. It is a magnet for Jewish criminals from around the world. Unless its magnet appeal is broken, there will be great dangers ahead for countries in the region and beyond.
Unfortunately, the Arab states that are geographically in a position to check the Israeli crime project from getting bigger have become US and Zionist client states. You cannot hope for much from Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Their leaderships are miserable in intellectual capacity to comprehend the politics of their enemies. They are only good at obeying orders from their Western masters.
Iran, though fiercely anti-Zionism in public, lacks a spiritual dimension in its state ideology to be a reliable ally of the rest of the Islamic world. Tehran is reliable on some political and economic issues and shifty on many matters. So the cordial relationship some Muslim countries have with Iran is mostly restricted to specific-issues. That is not such a bad thing considering how fluid alliances generally are in today’s Middle East.
A new wave of regional solidarity is needed to counter America’s multiplying efforts to destabilize the region. So far, the US has managed to advance its agenda of supporting terrorism and installing puppet administrations without suffering losses. America must pay for its hostile behavior.
Because it didn’t face the consequences of its criminal behavior in the past, it has begun to cross what have been described as the “red lines.”
The US administration of Donald Trump in total disregard for legal and moral norms said on December 6 it it will “recognize” Jerusalem as the “capital” of the Jewish state. A city that does not belong to Israel will be it its “capital.” Even gangsters think twice before laying claim to other people’s property.
Trump and his Zionist-neocon gangs must be confronted everywhere they seek confrontation. To be fair to Trump and his outlaw son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is seen as an Israeli power centre in the White House, the US did not become a rogue nation under the current administration. It is European white supremacist nature to seek wars and conflicts. You’ll lose if you refuse to retaliate. Even better, surprise them by opening new fronts. Do not allow them the luxury of indulging in conflicts on their terms.

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Shakir Husain

Shakir Husain

Mr. Shakir Husain is a journalist, based in India.

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