Kurdish Mother in Germany Outcries for Help to Rescue Kidnapped Daughter from the PKK

A Kurdish mother in Germany appealed for help from authorities and public in a much-circulated social media video to rescue her kidnapped daughter from the terrorist PKK. The unidentified mother has been threatened by PKK militants in Germany to stop searching for her daughter or face consequences.

23 years old Nese O. has been missing since January 5th, her family says according to Anadolu Agency. Family had been aware for sometime that Nese had a PKK-affiliated boyfriend and the couple has been hanging out in a pro-PKK foundation named Mala Kurda in German city of Cologne. The family has challenged Mala Kurda officials before but had to stop after being threatened.

23 years old Nese’s mother has taken the case to the social media since hoping to buzz momentum to pressure on German authorities whom has been accused of condoning terrorist PKK activities in the country.

The Grieved mother says in the video that she will be traveling to Mala Kurds in Cologne on Wednesday and outcried for help from authorities and the public to rescue her daughter from the terror group.

Turkey’s Berlin envoy, Ali Kemal Aydin had also shared the video of the agonized mother on Twitter mentioning German Interior Ministry and saying these kidnappings should be stopped.

Maide T wearing a T-shirt with her daughter’s picture on it during a protest

Nese O. is the second known case of terrorist PKK kidnappings in Germany so far. Maide T. From Berlin has been holding regular protests in front of German Prime Ministry appealing help from authorities to rescue her Nilufer from the PKK for months. German police has not been able to find whereabouts of Nilufer or any information about the kidnapping.

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