Nancy Pelosi’s visit not aiming to restore peace

by Lloyd Cymru

Nancy Pelosi’s visit isnt aiming to restore peace, nor offering sustainable solution for decades old problems. In sense, The US diplomatic envoys traditionally express out kicking off peace process. The irony, Azerbaijan is insisting to implement cease fire initially,not Armenia. 

Armenian army deployed in Karabakh is constantly using mortar since the cease fire. They have a commitment to withdraw from occupied Azerbaijan lands, which they haven’t fulfilled yet.

The 2nd Karabakh War helped drive a wedge between Pashinyan Government and diaspora. The Armenian President explicitly stated to end 30 years old occupation by evicting occupation forces in the wake of ceasefire. But diaspora, and its allies in Armenian parliament became outraged by decision.

Once again, diaspora doesn’t offer a pathway for a peace but indirectly threatens to instigate riots in the capital Yerevan if the Armenian government implements “ceasefire”. Unfortunately Nancy Pelosi’s visit will aggravate the burden, and will play into the hands of diaspora.

Last spring, Turkey- Azerbaijan- Armenia started trilateral talks to accelerate normalization, and to bring economic dynamism into the southern Caucasus. But the diaspora associations abruptly started a campaign against Turkey and Armenian Government to make the process collapsed.

But the Congressmen F. Pallone introduced bill against Turkey and Azerbaijan, absurdly claiming to serve peace. Pallone, diaspora associations tried to shape perceptions about “peace”. Neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan had benefited from that, but Moscow gained the opportunity.

Expat unions in Europe and diaspora associations in US sell out rosy stories, assuming to achive progress by denting peace process flagrantly. And unfortunately Pelosi aiding them to craft unrealistic expectations.

Although the trilateral talking (permanent peace) was to “pan out”,Palone’s bid to shatter peace& Armenian army shelling of Azerbaijan lands started concurrently 1)3rd of August breaking the cease fire.


2) F. Pallone’s determination to shatter ongoing peace process, while Armenian army was shelling of Azerbaijan 3rd of August.

Rep. Pallone calls for diplomatic efforts to halt Aliyev’s dangerous actions


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