Pentagon puts F-35’s serial production on hold

The failure of the U.S. to deliver the F-35 fighter jet on June 21 will further alianate Turkey and force it to further develop ties with Russia.

Bloomberg has reported that the Pentagon has put a decision on approving full-rate production of Lockheed’s F-35 on indefinite hold. The decision has been regardwd as shocking by defense analysts. The hold of $398 worth production program is expected to further ruin the confidence on the 5th generation fighter.

According to Bloomberg’s report, F-35s fail to combat against enemy’s fighters and they are not effective against Russian and Chinese surface-to-air missiles.

An anoymous engineer working for Lockheed Martin has told Straturka that they will have to sell F-35s to anyone that wants to buy them, implying that the project is a disappointment.

Turkey was partner to the project but removed from it due to the procurement of Russia-made S-400 missiles. On the other hand, F-35s are expected to be sold to UAE and Greece, two countries hostile to Turkey. The news about thre future of F-35s is expected to be welcomed by Turkish people.

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