Renault to produce Mitsubishi Colt in Turkey

Mitsubishi Motors will bolster its line-up in Europe through locally producing two of its cars in Renault Group plants. The new ASX and the new Colt, both to go on sale on 2023, will use the modular CMF-B platform and build off some of Renault’s best sellers. Yet another illustration of the Alliance’s win-win’ strategy to help make the brands even more competitive.

The collaboration-based win-win strategy implemented by the Alliance formed between Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi Motors is taking on shape once again with Mitsubishi Motors confirming that the next generation of its B-segment Colt model for Europe will be made in a Renault factory. The announcement follows the decision made in January last year to entrust production of its next generation of the ASX B-segment SUV to the Renault Group factory in Valladolid, Spain. Both models will be developed by Renault and based on best sellers from Renault’s line up. They will be based on the Alliance’s CMF-B modular platform and will be available with hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) engines.

motorisations hybride (HEV) et hybrides rechargeable (PHEV)

Mitsubishi Motors will thus strengthen its range in Europe, with the latest models that meet both the needs of local customers and the environmental standards currently in effect across the old continent, without the additional export costs. As for Renault Group, it will help ensure its production facilities are used to the best possible level.

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Harness the ‘leader-follower’ model

The recent decision showcases the ‘leader-follower’ mindset within the Alliance, whereby each member has access to all the latest technology developed by a “leader” in a specific field or country. As such, the next generation of Mitsubishi Colt and ASX made for the European market will be developed by Renault Group (leader) with the support of teams at Mitsubishi Motors (follower). Thanks to this model, both brands benefit from economies of scale, maximizing the sharing of overheads, and the creation of new synergies that will help bolster their competitive edge.

Leveraging this leader-follower scheme, collaboration between Renault Group and Mitsubishi Motors reinforces our presence in Europe by sharing Renault platforms. These vehicles, including HEV and PHEV powertrains, will be manufactured in Renault plants. With the first model – New ASX – to be launched in early 2023, and the second model that will follow toward the end of 2023.

Takao Kato, President & CEO Mitsubishi Motors, 2022 Jan 27


Use more common platforms

In preparing for the ASX production schedule, the Renault Group factory in Valladolid reworked some of its assembly processes, while the sheet metal production line was already up to the Alliance’s ASL standards, which made it possible to easily and readily integrate different vehicles on the same line. Teams were also specifically trained on how to adapt the Alliance Production System (APW) to making a Mitsubishi Motors model.

formation équipes

This example of making Mitsubishi Motors cars in Renault Group plants is a significant leap forward in showing the willingness of Alliance members to use common platforms more in coming years: going from 60% of the 90 different models today, to more than 80% in 2026. Each company will therefore be able to focus more on what their customers need, their iconic models, and key markets, all the while sharing innovation with the rest of the Alliance at minimal cost.

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