Spot on social media


Straturka’s Weird Editor has prepared a compilation of social media posts which are mainly misleading.

Here is the first compilation;


Hello Norway,

Are you planning to allow ISIS paintings on walls as well or the PKK, the killer of 40K people, has privileges there?


This staunch anti-Turkish government guy shares photos from a campaign conducted in 2015 to support a victim in order to insult pro-government journalists. He was supporting the violence mentioned in articles. If he is  also a FETO member, more can be said for his biased hatred.


Turkey does not extradite Uighurs but some Uighur people, allegedly having links with FETO, insults Turkish government.



It is not weird to see that Armenians support the PKK. While below account opposes Turkey’s request for removing pro-PKK paintings, he was embracing Armenian soldiers setting Azerbaijani corpses on fire.


Greeks are seeking embers inside ash. 

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