The Maps Which Were Drawn at The Table are Ripped with Care


The piece which has the lowest score in chess (pawn) is mostly used first and always ready to be sacrificed.

In order to protect his rook, queen and king pawn always step ahead. In order to understand the pawn, one should look to those who are placed behind the pawn and put forth the pawn.

In the wide area called international politics, triangulation point which directs the political reality to find its way is the concept of “interest” which is expressed with the term of “power”.


Turkey is always ideal tool for Middle East.

If stability is desired in Middle East, if the natural resources of Middle East is important for the world…

No order can be established with excluding Turkey. When an order cannot be established, Middle East will be shaken to a point which it cannot be put in an order again and crumbles up.

At the beginning of 90s, cold war ended, The Berlin wall was demolished.

After Berlin wall was demolished, even at that time somebody started to act for “New World Order”.

Actually the point of view of Moris Abram who is the President of USA Jewish Committee and member of CFR related the Problem of South East Turkey discloses a lot…

MORIS ABRAM does not hide that he thinks the South Eastern Turkey should be separated and he has contributed to the establishment of  Kurdish State in Northern Iraq. He stated that Barzani and Talabani supported this aim, albeit indirectly.
In January of 2001, USA started the Gulf Operation on the pretext of Saddam.

Because SADDAM’s personal megalomania created unwise actions that were beneficial to USA and Israel and this situation worked well for Israel.

All West united against Saddam.

For What?

Because he invaded the oil fields of Kuwait, because the real master of oil was Western Rich Countries Club.

The only aim of USA in this conflict was to prevent Saddam to interfere over 36th parallel, and establish the Kurdish National establishment at the north. Eventually, USA succeeded in its aim.

We call this area now Barzanistan 


Barzani opened his doors to USA and facilitated the invasion of Iraq. Then USA, CIA and MOSSAD started an operation in Iraq named ‘Poised Hammer’ together.


They conduct operations for the establishment of a de-facto Kurdish state and contribute the endurance of PKK.
Their expectation from Turkey is to take Turkish population to the point of  “Let them take the South Eastern Turkey, let them do at South Eastern Turkey whatever they wished for” or all country will be ensanguined “.


Yet, this didn’t happen.


USA threatens that even Saddam Hussein did not intefere up to 36th parallel. Tthis area is Kurdistan and Barzanistan is established on it.


Since 1991, PKK has become a tool that is used by USA.  Karadayı Pasha denied these moves of USA and conducted Steel Operation in Iraq. The operation lasted for 43 days. USA desired the expansion of PKK in Iraq but…


Karadayı Pasha and some other political figures fervently denied this desire. Pasha conducted these operation and succeeded. If you can remember, USA made an announcement  in that days and stated that “Steel Operation was our second defeat after Vietnam”

The establishment of so called Kurdish State in Southeastern Turkey, actually is the first step for the establishment of Great Israel.

Next plan for USA is to bind PKK in Iraq to itself. After then, PKK will be administrated from two poles. Syrian front will be ruled by Ocalanists and  Iraq front to be ruled by USA.


Since  USA facilitated the expulsion of Ocalan from Syria and handed him over Turkey, PKK has become the pawn of USA.

It is interesting that…

PYD, was established in Syria in 2003, just 6 months after rejection of Memorandum of March 1 which did not allow US army to cross Turkey to go to Iraq.

With rejection of the Memorandum of March 1, Turkey broke USA dreams. USA is very far from our region and USA understand that it cannot trust Turkey one more time.

USA did not trust Barzani, either. USA supports and develops PYD with the aim of “turning PYD into the far outpost of USA in the region.

Let’s come to this day…

Now, it is known that PYD has 65-70 thousands of soldiers. It is also known that among these soldiers there are many CIAMOSSAD agents.


Especially it is known that all command echelon of PYD is controlled by CIA.


USA supports the PKK in Iraq.

USA openly supports the Kurdish Freedom Party (PAK) in Iran.


Nobody thinks about the games, scenarios, big calculations behind the scenes.


Iran tried to play a game in Middle East with the dollars slipped into its hands. After Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, Iran tried to enter Yemen with Persian and Shiite policies.

But Iran understood after the Euphrates Shield Operation that nobody can succeed anything without Turkey in Middle East.


As for Kurds, it appears that a new struggle is beginning for the leadership of the Kurds.

The events occurred in Kirkuk today shows how dim sighted Barzani is and also how much Barzani lacked the qualifications required to be a strategical politician.

While his grandfathers were wasted in the hands of Britain, his father was wasted at the hands of USA with the same fairy tales.

Masoud Barzani is jumping from one place to another just like super Mario and finally has fallen into the hole.

The epic defeat that Barzani experiences also puts his ruling power in danger.

It appears that Barzani who tries to achieve things with somebody else’s power is left out of the game.

Once prominent Grand Duke Notaras said:

I rather wish to wear Ottoman turban, rather than western cone.

It appears that the proverb “while the loyalty is the quality of pure ones,

Oblivion is the quality of the raw ones”  is indeed correct!

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