The United States and Russia have bogged down in Syria

Memories of nations are important. Anguish and sweet memories transferred from a generation to another gradually turn into historical/political genetics. Just like people, nations also act with memories which people have left their experiences, refreshed at every opportunity and direct decision makers in this frame …

The example is Erdogan’s sentence that “ New Lawrences won’t be successful.”

This short and single sentence is the summary of thousands of books.When Turks remember name of Lawrence, they remember the games of the colonial powers who accelerated the collapse of Ottoman empire and shared the wide and rich lands with Sykes-Picot, which were under the control of their grandfathers. When you say “Today’s Lawrences”, Turks understand that they are confronted with “survival problem”.

In a meeting held in Northern Irak in 2008, I had answered Kurdish journalists’ question that “ Why does a powerful country like Turkey is afraid of 4 million Kurds here?” as such; “ Of course Turkey is not afraid of you. You can’t solve Turkey’s reflexes without being aware of “Sevres (Agreement) syndrome” inside brains of Turkish society. Turkey is not afraid of you but worried of new games of colonial powers which they believe are backing you.

This is the reality. All societies act with their own genetics. If now I say “ Zionist Yinon plan which I have expressed a lot is actually a conspiracy theory ( of course it isn’t), Israel has no plan of dividing neighboring countries”, I can’t convince anyone in this country. Turkish people know very well what happened in Istanbul during the establishment process of Israel and  these experiences can end up with what in modern times.

The “wisdom identities” of societies emerge in difficult times, just as on July 15th failed coup. How much you wash hands of Israel, people will still move with their own experiences.

Vietnam-Afghanistan syndrome comes forward…

One of them  USA)has  unforgettable experiences in Vietnam and the other (Russia) in Afghanistan. In the Vietnam war that ended in frustration, a bright generation of America was lost. In Soviet adventure of Afghanistan, not only Russians  but also young people of other Soviet nations faced with great devastation …

Do not mind that rulers of these countries have been focusing on  “foreign military adventure” within the framework of the current global power competition. A serious public disturbance is getting more and more evident every day in these countries.

Russia’s war veterans of Afghanistan  are grumbling in the face of increasing Russian military deaths in Syria … In the United States, there is serious resistance against Trump’s step-by-step entry into the Syrian war …

Why? The “wisdom power” stemming from the experiences of society is beginning to show itself there. The American and Russian public opinion are increasingly seeing this job turning into a “bog” .

Opinion polls are disastrous …


The United States and Russia have bogged down in Syria.

When the air force started operations against DEAS in 2015, Russian people’s support to it was 72%. Today, the support has decreased to 36% due to increasing number of Russian soldiers in Syria  (There were 1000 soldiers at the beginning). This increase led to an increase in numbers of casualties of Russian soldiers as well. Society has begun to believe that if the war in Syria continues, these lands will become a new Afghanistan …

The situation in the United States is even worse … Yes, the support of the American people for “missile and air attacks” is 62 percent but only 18% of Americans support American soldiers to be in fronts in Syria.  This percentage makes us grasp US-PKK alliance. Kurdish boys under the US flag die in an operation whose outcome they do not even fully understand.

Can Russian and American governments  overcome “Vietnam-Afghanistan syndromes” ? No. If this situation lasts for 2 more years, they know people’s growl will result in what.

We are a border state. Our sons are on duty with souls of their grandfathers who fought for their lands (like in Cyprus). It is beneficial to leave the “external forces” to their own. They will knock our door,  do not worry …

(Russia’s civilian massacre in Idlib and  hard position of the US in Rakka and Deyrzor are signs of desperation.)

The images they display are very arrogant but do not mind. They can not pick it up. They’re sinking .


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Ardan Zentürk

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