Turkey Deploys Its Hisar-O Air Defense System in Idlib

Turkey has deployed Hisar-O surface-to-air missile system in Idlib, said Ismail Demir, the head of Turkish defense industry. Hisar-O is the mid-range system of Hisar family that also has short and long range systems. While no systems are produced yet, a few Hisar-O systems are tested and the producer company is ready to manufacture them serially. With the deployment of Hisar-O, Turkey will be using its first advanced air defense system in the front and end dependence on foreign suppliers. Turkish army had suffered from air attacks conducted by Syrian regime and Russian air forces during the Idlib Operation in February 2020. Hisar-O is expected to end air superiority of the enemy.

İbrahim Karataş, a columnist at Yeni Akit daily, said Hisar-O might boost Turkish army’s strength as armed drones did. Turkish drones became renown after their success in Idlib and Libya operations. Karataş argued Turkey-made drones changed the course of wars and air defense systems can further multiply the strength of Turkish army. Operating Hisar family will also boom their export, he added.

Hisar-O  can hit jets and missiles at a maximum altitude of 15 km in a 25 km range. It uses a radar intercepting items in 100 km range. On the other hand, Hisar family’s longest range version Sipahi is expected to be delivered in 2023. Sipahi has a 20 km maximum altitude and 100 km range.

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