Turkey Launches Operation Spring Shield

As the Assad regime fails to pull its troops beyond the Idlib de-escalation zone, determined at the Sochi Memorandum of Understanding, the Turkish Armed Forces commenced the latest of Turkey’s Syria incursions, which is now dubbed as Operation Spring Shield.

The operation primarily aims to safeguard the lives of approximately four million civilians in Idlib Province, last stronghold of the anti-Assad opposition. Furthermore, the operation is justified per the article 51 of the United Nation (UN), which grants the states the right to act in self-defense should an armed attack occur to a member of the UN. Last Thursday, the Syrian regime had struck a Turkish Armed Forces convoy, killing 36, wounding many more dozens of Turkish soldiers.

The first days of Operation Peace Spring witnessed extensive destruction of the Syrian Armed forces components by Turkey’s now world-renowned, indigenously produced, Weaponized Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (WUAVs) and additional electronic warfare systems.

Ankara is keeping the political channels open with the parties involved in Syria while successfully conducting the operation. The world leaders are also informed about the operation’s justifiability.

As a reaction to the European Union’s apathetic approach to the issue, Turkey has decided to lift the restriction of its refugees to cross onto European Union soil. With EU idly watching, Turkey has done a daunting task of sheltering some four million refugees, most of whom fled the brutal oppression of the Assad regime. Turkey’s humanitarian approach has incurred a tremendous economic, social and political burden on Turkey. Despite Ankara’s repeated pleas to its European allies to share the burden, it has received very little. And, now, the EU is paying the price for its negligent policies.

The world should be aware that Turkey’s intention is not to carve up Syria but help create a country where its inhabitants would live peacefully. Also ought to be noticed is that if the international community fails to address Turkey’s grievances in regard to Syria, the coming days may bring more trouble for Eurasia.

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