Turkey’s Sungur Successfully Hits Target at Maximum Range and Altitude

Turkey’s indigenously developed Sungur  air defense missile system has successfully completed its test firings against a moving target at maximum range and altitude, head of Defense Industries, Ismail Demir announced on Friday.

Developed clandestinely by Turkey’s Rocketsan, Sungur air defense system missile was seeing hitting its target successfully in a video shared by Demir on Twitter.

“Sungur solidified its role in layered air defense with its successful test shot against a moving target at maximum range and altitude,” Demir said on Twitter.

The Sungur uses Soviet cold-launch technology, in which the missile is expelled by gas and the rocket engine ignited after the missile clears the silo. The same method is used in Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense systems

Short range air defense system in terms of general performance characteristics, Sungur is the first member of the HİSAR Air Defense family and one of the important elements of the layered air defense system.

The portable Sungur can be installed on land, air and sea platforms. It can reportedly detect, track and hit targets through 360-degrees from moving platforms

Turkey’s layered air and missile defense capability the Sungur has been undergoing development since 2013  and expected to replace similar systems purchased from abroad.

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