UAE and Saudi Fund Le Figaro Journalist to Disparage Qatar

What’s worse than your efforts being used to spread a hoax narrative, probably nothing. However, for United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi, this is the only way possible to blame Qatar and keep it side lined on never proven charges of terrorism.

The modus operandi of UAE and Saudi has over the years revealed the extent of hatred raged towards its neighbouring nation. And in another apparent effort, a firm named Global Watch Analysis (GWA), disguised as NGO that follows the geopolitical movements of the planet and inspect changes within populations, their governments and their savings, has come up as one of the 10 names scathing Qatar’s reputation worldwide.

The list of names has high profile individuals either functioning solely or alongside their close aides, and being overlooked by British business lawyers, who in turn are funded by the Arab Centre for Journalism PLC Cairo. The center is controlled and subsidized 100 per cent by the government of United Arab Emirates.

At the center of this plot is the book ‘Qatar Papers’, which is a well written and a classified proof of how Qatar has endowed itself to sponsoring terrorism. Inside this record of papers, probably stolen by an unfaithful employee or secret services, the Qatar Charity Foundation has been named for diverting its money towards funding jihad. However, in reality, the humanitarian organization spends around 5 percent of the annual expenditure for the support of numerous mosques and Islamic centers over the territory of European Union, the UK and Switzerland, which the book on baseless grounds dictates as Jihadi funds.

Moreover, the authors of this book, the reporter for ‘Le Figarò’ Georges Malbrunot and the envoy of ‘Radio France International’ Christian Chesnot, have a record of publishing content that denounces Qatar and even French lobbyists, who support the nation. Reportedly, Malbrunot also wrote a four-handed book with Nasser Al-Bhari, an Al-Qaeda assassin.

To promote their content and spread this narrative, UAE and Saudi have used every trick up their sleeve. And Malbrunot has hence been in the pick of things, with open invitations to conferences and talk shows. Lately, on December 3, 2019, in front of all the Saudi royal family members during the Saudi Media Forum, he argued that Europeans exaggerate when commenting on Islamic terrorism and that they must punish themselves for understanding way more about the culture and the way of life of the countries of Middle East. He said the statement probably pointing to Muslim Brotherhood, which is the other objective of war declared by Global Watch Analysis.

Malbrunot has been remained open to opportunities all throughout his career. A few years ago, a friend of Malbrunot, Lionel Rabiet left Le Figaro and started his company, Les Croisières d’Exception Sarl Paris. The firm reportedly sold cruises since 2012, with the guests (Malbrunot) in UAE and Saudi. The highly profitable company announced a jaw-dropping turnover of 10 million euros per year, before owning its first cruise in January 2019. Since then, the turnover has multiplied by 4 million euros. Notably, no explanation remains public to how the profits rose so high, apart from the guests that remain intact.

Coming back to Global Watch Analysis, it is known that company is registered in Paris and takes care of a web portal dedicated to bashing Qatar. The GWA is further linked to the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CEMO), registered in France, yet founded in Egypt under President Al-Sisi. This company is headed by his loyal Abdelraheem Ali, who made in roads to France after ‘Qatar Papers’ got published. But his migration has something more important because Ali moved not alone but with a team of former French Journalists. Not surprisingly enough, each journalist has been dismissed for anti-Semitism and falsification of documents. Amongst them a freelancer, the Swiss Ian Hamel — subject to investigation in Switzerland for falsification of documents — is author of the publications of the CEMO web portals.

Collectively, the GWA and CEMO are leading a campaign, which in all directions possible is using videos, press conferences and meeting with right wing French politicians, for spreading the hoax created by ‘Qatar papers’. Clearly, Malbrunot is using different aides under the same umbrella, all funded by Saudi and UAE to present an image that Doha is the hub promoting terrorism, which continues to remain spoof on every parameter.

Source: https://medium.com/@arabunreported/uae-and-saudi-fund-le-figaro-journalist-to-disparage-qatar-14a9d71b9601

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